By: Akhona Bunzi (Grade 8, [Masiyile High School]

There are many issues that affect my schooling life. When I look at my studies I get affected a lot because at school there are leaners that are always trying to make others feel useless. For an example in my English class my teacher often ends up not teaching because of the noise that is made by some of the learners in the class.  I get affected by that because I and some of my classmates end up failing or dropping in our marks because of these disturbances. I do not like this and it also is not nice to me and to my parents (who put me through school).

At home I also get affected in some ways because since I’m the last born (second child of two children) I have to do everything. Even if I have homework from school there is often one thing that I have to do; whether it be cooking or looking after a pot, so that interrupts me because I end up forgetting what I was thinking to do or write.

Last year I had a little problem which really affected me. I wouldn’t be able to do my work because of the noise around me and that made me drop on my usual marks and that wasn’t good at all. Anyway I managed to pull my socks because I feared I would fail but because of the hard work I joined PASCAP TRUST and THOPE FOUNDATION which encouraged and motivated me. I learned that even if I don’t do right this time I can make it next time, and I’m very happy and proud today to say that I’m in grade 8 today because of PASCAP and THOPE AND I APPRECIATE ALL THE HARD WORK THEY DID TO MOTIVATE ME.

Now at home I have a daily timetable that helps me to do my work properly, and at home my mom works with me and supports me I also thank GOD that she is that person that she is to me.

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  1. Akhona, thank you very much for sharing. Nothing helps one be on track than a schedule! I am happy you have one, and especially at a young age. You will find as you grow older that time management is essential! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Akhona, thank you for sharing this with us. I also remember when I was in school that doing chores at home used to take away time from doing school work. When I was in school, my strategy was to do my homework before going home during the free period or stay a little late at school to do the homework. It is good that you have supportive parents who are helping you. And yes, Bose is right, learning to manage your time while you are young is a great lesson for your future. Life will always be busy, learning to manage your time now is fantastic. Good luck!

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