Mid-year reflections on the education theme: Key lessons and future directions

It feels like just yesterday when we were unveiling the current theme on education and the concurrent theme of the 2014 world cup. The education theme has been particularly well received with many well thought out contributions drawing from both theory and personal experiences of authors as relating to education in Africa.

There have been many lessons on challenges faced by young people in Africa in attaining primary, high school and tertiary education. However through the Thope case studies for instance, which concluded the first half of the year, we also saw that there are non-state actors intervening to make a difference in the lives of young people in Africa.

We were particularly grateful to collaborate with the Thope Foundation for our youth month special and also publish pieces from the girls of Thope.

We will be taking a short three week break from publishing on the blog before continuing with the education theme for the second half of the year. As usual, we welcome contributions on the theme from both our regular contributors and guest contributions.

The editorial team can be contacted at: bokamosoafricablog@gmail.com

We thank you for reading and your continued support of our work.

BLF Editorial Team.


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