What affects me at school

What affects me at school

By Yolanda Mbotshane (Grade 8 at Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School)

When I go to school, I feel happy but when I see my friends they make me feel sad because they like to be mean to other learners sometimes they will want your thing and they even take it without your permission. My teacher also affects me because she likes to shout when you are doing wrong things even when you have done a mistake she will shout at you and it affects me badly because I can’t concentrate in the class,I sometimes think I will be shouted when I want to answer a question but. Sometimes I think of sitting down and talk to her about her shouting  when talking to me and it will influence. I decided to choose good friends which I still have.  I have four friends. They treat me good sometimes if one of us does not have something to eat we give each other something to eat even money so that she can buy what she likes to buy.

Now I and my friends we have a united FRIENDSHIP we usually do things together. We study together, we go to school together, we also eat together and I am happy with that. Now I want to sort things with my teacher.  The best way of fixing things with my teacher is to sit down and talk to her but I will try because the people say, your first step of succeeding is to do a mistake, but a mistake happen on one time. If things can go the way I like to be with my teacher I can live a peaceful life at school because when we are going to the next period of my teacher I get bored of her shouting.

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  1. Yolanda, thank you for sharing. Maybe the best thing to do about your teacher is ask an adult in your life to speak to her on your behalf? They can explain how shouting doesn’t help you learn. In the meantime, continue to get courage from your friends.

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