What things affect me at school?

What things affect me at school?


The thing that affects me at school is some child who takes my lunch box.  When I go to the teacher to report she says that she is busy and that there is no time for me and then I end up feeling sad. The other day I went   with my mother and my mother asked the teacher (about the lunchbox situation) then the teacher says that he don’t know that thing even though I told him but my mother says that she will go to the principal of the school (to report). My friends say that I must fight for myself, then another day I did it.

Then another day I fight with that child and then I have to go to the office of the principal who asked “why are you fighting at school?”, then I told the principal that the child is bullying me.

The principal then said to me that “you must come with your mother, and if you do not come with your mother then you will not be accepted into the school.”

And so I went on another day with my mother to school and my mother said to me that she is tired of this thing. She said “do the thing you want to do my child because I am tired.”

Then on another day at school there was a party and then I see that other child and they said hello to me and then my friends laughed at that child.

Then on that party we were carrying the drinks and chips and my friends say that the other child wants to be my friend and then I say ‘LOL’ and that I will think about it.

Since then, last year, I have joined this Thope Saturday school to help with the subjects that I don’t understand very well even though I remain disappointed that the school and the department of education did not help me with the bully at the school.

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