My wish list for 2015

My hope for 2014 was that I learn to be my own leader and follower  and I would like to give myself a little pat on the back and say that I did manage to accomplish a little bit of it. During the year, we met regularly with new BLF members to discuss ‘The role of NGO’s in African countries’ – a topic we had picked as a group. I learnt a lot from those meetings, and most importantly I got new vocabulary and new readings that are helping me grow intellectually. We plan to continue in 2015 with these meetings and also hope to invite new people.

Looking forward to 2015, I decided to make an external wish list; 5 things that I am hoping other people can take a lead on, and I follow. More importantly, so that I may enjoy them. They definitely would make my life easier. So here it goes (not listed in order of importance);

  1. An application that will allow me to take back my phone number from someone. Isn’t it odd that after all these years we are still to have something like this? Especially now with WhatsApp where anyone with your number can basically always be tracking you?
  2. A deodorant that goes clear on black skin. Enough said.
  3. I would like spinning seats/bikes seats to be bigger – not for me to have to buy one when the ‘normal’ ones wont do. So please, can we have different sizes? While we are on this, can we also eradicate the notion that ‘one size fits all’- let’s say some, or maybe most. There is no one size that fits everyone.
  4. The notion that there are ‘male feminists’, why?  I don’t understand why being a feminist has to be gendered.
  5. A different name for ‘infinity scarfs’- nope, newsflash, they are not endless!

I am hoping my five wishes are pretty basic, and hope to report next year how 2015 was soo much easier for me. Best wishes for 2015 friends :).

Bose Maposa

Bose Maposa is the Assistant Director of the African Studies Program at Ohio University, USA.

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