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Tahrir Square – Behind the Cameras

Tweet by Maha Al Aswad Although much has been said recently in the mainstream media about the current situation in Egypt, most of these accounts are largely influenced by the type of media submitting these reports: and given the nature of the Egyptian revolution as being citizen-led, it is important to hear these accounts from… Continue Reading

To re-build old ruins we must invent the future: South Africa as the gateway to restoring Carthage to her majestic excellence

Tweet By: Moses Masitha** South Africa is about to cross the Rubicon, one that many fledgling democracies in the history of developing nations have failed to navigate successfully. The historical narrative of these governments, led by former liberation movements is one of an initial positive outlook, followed very shortly by an implosion from within. South… Continue Reading

Confessions of an African Woman: Yes, I am a feminist!!!

Tweet by Basetsana Maposa I have a confession to make….I am a feminist[i]. Yes, you heard me right! I boldly declare that indeed I am a feminist.  I have had interesting reactions, from both men and women, whenever I make this declaration. Some of the interesting comments I get include questions or statements such as… Continue Reading

The politics of land grabbing: Whose land is it anyway?

Tweet by Puleng Segalo* Land policies are political notions that should be acknowledged as such even before we begin to talk about the impact of land grabs on people’s lives.  Numerous studies have been conducted, and what seems to be the common denominator among their findings is that those at grassroots level receive the raw… Continue Reading

Take Pride in your Name

Tweet by Bandie  Mogapi I generally love Setswana names more so the unusual Setswana names that roll off the tongue easy. I especially love poetic Tswana names thathouse deeper, more profound meanings. To me, names represent the state of mind or being that your parent/s were in at the time of your birth or serve as an extension… Continue Reading


Tweet by Steve Arowolo The 2005 World Energy Council (WEC) reports revealed that Africa’s energy resources are for the most part oil and gas reserves in North and West Africa, hydroelectric potential in Central and Eastern Africa, and coal in Southern Africa. Hydropower in Sub‐Saharan Africa has massive exploitable potential, which according to the African… Continue Reading

Unpacking Africa’s Intangible Heritage: Aesthetic Africa

Tweet I have a sculpture in my living room. A wooden, beautifully defined totem pole-like pair of eagles grappling with a nice portion of wriggly fish. I knew when I first saw it on a dusty street five years ago, car-less and on a budget, that I would do whatever was necessary within legal and… Continue Reading

African languages under threat: What is killing African languages?

Tweet One may be wondering about the difference between an endangered language and an extinct one. The thing is that there is no difference because they both lead to the same result: extinction. A loss of a language is a loss of a large and unique repertoire of human knowledge. An endangered language usually has… Continue Reading

Presidents and Chiefs in 21st Century Africa: Can the two co-exist?

Tweet There is false assumption that Africa’s indigenous institutions lack democratic values and structures of governance due to the notion that they lack transparency and accountability, both regarded as pillars of democracy. Therefore, today, leadership in Africa is institutionalized according to Western ideologies. Multi-partisan systems of government were adopted which bred the office of the… Continue Reading

‘Going green’ in Africa and the place of local knowledge in conservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation: setting the agenda for COP 17, South Africa

Tweet The 17th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 17/UNFCCC) is set to take place in South Africa, Durban, from the 28th of November to the 9th of December 2011. This marks the second time in its history that an African city has hosted this important conference.… Continue Reading