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Haiti – OUR Responsibility

Tweet By Jason Brayda It is easy to be a critic of development these days. No matter what you write you would be joining a host of other authors who have become so disillusioned with development and relief aid. With so much being said and discussed concerning this, one must start to wonder why things… Continue Reading

AVATAR: Noble Savages meet the White Messiah in Colonial Struggle

Tweet By Catherine Cutcher and Siphokazi Magadla The science-fiction epic Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time. Since its release in December, box office sales have reached $2 billion. Avatar has been awarded two Golden Globes for best dramatic motion picture and best director. At the upcoming Academy Awards, the movie is expected to… Continue Reading

Is Splitting Democratic Republic of Congo the solution for the Great Lakes Region? Reflections on Truth and Reconciliation Commissions

Tweet Patrick Litanga is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in African Studies at Ohio University. It has been 11 years since the second rebellion started in 1998; we, actually, know that it was not just a rebellion. Although the Congolese rebel, Jean Pierre Bemba, was gaining momentum… Continue Reading

Obama in Cairo: Equivalences and silences

Tweet by PT Zeleza As Obama himself acknowledged, ‘no single speech,’ however lofty and soaring in its promises, ‘can eradicate years of mistrust’ between the United States and the so-called Muslim world or untangle the messy Arab-Israeli conflict which is at the heart of American troubles in the region. President Obama’s much-anticipated speech to the… Continue Reading

Political Accountability

Tweet We have had a great year in the continent with peaceful elections and of-course some so called leaders continuing to rule with an iron fist. All is all lost as we are getting ready to bring the glorious days in the continent. Our people have paid the price with their lives, while the people… Continue Reading